The Loughnatrosk Observatory, Antrim

Nice to receive this message (which I have edited slightly) from architectural postgrad Jessica Lammy, whose research is around the aesthetics of photovoltaic lighting in architecture.
“After reading Nocturne over the Christmas holidays  I decided to base my post graduate diploma architectural project around rediscovering the night sky.  Over the semester I developed the Loughnatrosk Observatory, a small project combining the arts and science of astronomy sited upon the Antrim Plateau, Northern Ireland.  I used Nocturne as the main inspiration throughout the project and have been enthusiastically recommending it throughout my degree show.
I thought you might like to know how your work is influencing the world of architecture”!
Jessica’s website is at
The description I found there of her research for her MSc (Architecture) made me think for the first time about the way in which much photovoltaic and solar lighting is based on work done by scientists primarily interested in powering space travel. The resulting units have been created, therefore, with little regard for aesthetics or input from designers. There is clearly room for a lot of new work in this field to encourage the mass take-up of these technologies.

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