Alongside the book Station to Station, I recorded an album called Orphan Train: a kind of indirect soundtrack to the narrative, featuring all-new songs that use trains as metaphors.

Available now on iTunes (search artist James Attlee album Orphan Train) and as a digital download from Amazon here . The CD is available from our friends at Truck records on Cowley Road, Oxford and shortly on (Currently on — released on the French label sometime studio).

You can hear four  tracks in full on Soundcloud:

Ghost Train


Midnight Express


Train-wreck Honey

‘Orphan Train is the musical side-project of Oxford-based author James Attlee (Isolarion, Nocturne and Station to Station) and features musicians from Oxford, London and Paris. The songs are noir-ish and atmospheric, drawing on rockabilly, soul and funk influences to paint a picture of the heartbreak and romance of a world on the tracks’.

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