Ambient Literature

Photo by Alistair Horne, taken at the launch of the Ambient Literature project on 30 June 2016

I have been commissioned, along with the novelist Kate Pullinger and the digital artist Duncan Speakman, to create a piece for the Ambient Literature Project.

The term ‘Ambient Literature’ refers to writing that knows where its reader is through the use of technology. To find out more click here; to read a piece by Alistair Horne for Publishing Perspectives about the rooftop launch of the project in July 2016, go here.

My piece will take the form of a geo-located app and will be situated in London. In part it will be an exploration of the way we map the city, how it exists simultaneously around us, as mental architecture and on our phones. I am collaborating with sound artist and musician Jem Finer on a soundscape for it. It will deliver in 2017.

Kate Pullinger, Duncan Speakman & James Attlee at the Ambient Literature launch

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