Station to Station


My new book STATION TO STATION is published by Guardian Books.

You can read a little more about STATION TO STATION and order from the Guardian Bookshop by following this link.

To order from Amazon, click here


‘Station to Station is the chronicle of a railway journey like no other – part personal odyssey, part history, part architectural guide, part reflection on the nature of travel, part investigation of the national psyche’. The Independent

‘Attlee is fascinated by the mystical way in which the past concertinas into the present… All human life is here, one ghost interweaving with another’. Craig Brown, the Mail on Sunday

‘Attlee mines fascinating stories from the landscape, rattling off anecdotes about characters as diverse as Oscar Wilde, Diana Dors and T.E. Lawrence – tales that will keep me company on this journey forever more’.

Read the full Independent review here. To read Craig Brown’s review in the Mail on Sunday, click here. Simon Bradley reviews in the Spectator here.  Michael Kerr’s review in the Weekend Telegraph is here.

To watch a short trailer for the book, click here


 Along with the book I have recorded an album called Orphan Train: a kind of indirect soundtrack to the narrative, featuring all-new songs that use trains as metaphors…

Available now on iTunes (search artist James Attlee album Orphan Train) and as a digital download from Amazon here . The CD is available from our friends at Truck records on Cowley Road, Oxford and shortly on (Currently on — released on the French label sometime studio).

You can hear four  tracks in full on Soundcloud:

Ghost Train


Midnight Express


Train-wreck Honey

Or hear the whole album by signing up to Deezer

‘Orphan Train is the musical side-project of Oxford-based author James Attlee (Isolarion, Nocturne and Station to Station) and features musicians from Oxford, London and Paris. The songs are noir-ish and atmospheric, drawing on rockabilly, soul and funk influences to paint a picture of the heartbreak and romance of a world on the tracks’.






10 Responses to Station to Station

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  2. Westy says:

    Hey James!
    Looking forward to reading this :-)
    Will you be doing an Oxford launch at all?
    See you soon
    Westy x

  3. James Attlee says:

    Hi Westy

    Yes, there will be a launch in Oxford on May 14 at Blackwells: an in-conversation followed by some live music. Details to follow!

  4. Reg says:

    Will thisa be published in e-book form so I can read it on the train please?

    • James Attlee says:

      Hi Reg

      Yes it will. Should be coming to Amazon next week I believe, but I will confirm here. Meanwhile, physical books work on the train as well…! But I know it’s convenient to be able to take your whole library along on an e-reader, especially if you’ve got other stuff to carry. I wonder what a wide reader like Brunel would have made of the Kindle.

    • James Attlee says:

      Dear Reg

      The Kindle e-book is now available from amazon. Search in the Kindle store under books, Station to Station James Attlee

  5. Karen leyden says:

    I have just finished reading your wonderful book station to station . I found your book so full of little snippets of history that broaden my understanding of many places along the the line and would have never known. I even managed to answer a question on egg heads with a fact I had read .
    I will recommended your book to my friends as the travel stories are so interesting.
    Regards Karen.

  6. Chris Hawkins says:

    Hi James,
    Just finished Station to Station and i enjoyed it very much.Already recommending it to my friends.

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