The Night Sky’s jazz-tinged songs feature the smoky, late-night vocals of Josefin Meijer. James co-wrote the songs and played guitar. The group also produced the soundtrack to James’ app The Cartographer’s Confession.

To hear The Night Sky, click here to visit their Bandcamp page.

Alongside the book Station to Station, James recorded an album called Orphan Train in 2015: a kind of indirect soundtrack to the narrative, featuring all-new songs that use trains as metaphors.

Available now on iTunes (search artist James Attlee album Orphan Train) and as a digital download from Amazon here 

You can hear four  tracks in full on Soundcloud:


Midnight Express

Train-wreck Honey


Ghost Train

‘The songs are noir-ish and atmospheric, drawing on rockabilly, soul and funk influences to paint a picture of the heartbreak and romance of a world on the tracks’.


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