The Fake Druids

This is the kind of thing that happens when you release a book into the world…  A man called Tres, who also signs himself 3, emailed me about his rock band from Barcelona called The Fake Druids. He had read a review of the Spanish edition of Nocturne in El Pais. The band have a track on their new album called Full Moon. I opened the link he sent me to the song on my phone while travelling down an autoroute in France. Soon the car was filled with the hard-rocking sounds of The Fake Druids. The words of the song are based on the names given to the different full moons throughout the year by the Algonquin. Now you can listen too, here, as well as reading those Native American-inspired lyrics.

Thanks, Tres!

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  1. Tres says:

    Nice post. Thank you for sharing this, James!! All the best and a happy Strawberry moon! 3

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