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In the doldrums of lockdown, James Attlee attended to messages, gestures, and signals in the streets, and invited neighbours’ stories and explanations. From them, he has assembled a searching portrait of the time of Covid and the toll it has taken’.   Marina Warner, author of Inventory of a Life Mislaid 

‘Full of warmth, wit and eloquence, and a rare, refreshing combination of modesty and conviction, Under the Rainbow is a supple investigation of familiar symbols. I loved the careful anthropological questioning of the complex world on our doorsteps’. Alexandra Harris, author of  Weatherland

‘Attlee captures an intense moment of national self-reckoning by letting those who speak to him from their doorsteps really speak. The result is a carefully curated form of polyphony, sometimes interjected with personal support, but more often with real sympathy, that carries him back to reflections upon poetry and art’. Sally Bayley, author of No Boys Play Here

‘Under The Rainbow is a gem. It refracts the pandemic into a prism of colours, revealing it not just as a public health crisis but as one that touches issues from racial injustice to the climate emergency. Beyond the statistics and political statements, Attlee helps us make sense of living through the shared moments of a global catastrophe’. Roman Krznaric, author of  The Good Ancestor: How to Think Long Term in a Short-Term World

‘Observant, enquiring, contemplative, James Attlee has carried out a deft investigation of a city in lockdown. I love the way he listens to people, thinks about what they’ve said, and lets it lead him to some relevant allusion or philosophical notion’. Tim Pears, author of The Wanderers

‘Attlee’s intrepid enquiring sympathetically explores the anxieties and hopes of summer 2020’. Patrick Keiller, director of London and Robinson in Ruins 

To watch a discussion about the book with James, Marina Warner and Pablo Mukherjee on YouTube, click here 

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  2. Westy says:

    Hey James!
    Looking forward to reading this 🙂
    Will you be doing an Oxford launch at all?
    See you soon
    Westy x

  3. James Attlee says:

    Hi Westy

    Yes, there will be a launch in Oxford on May 14 at Blackwells: an in-conversation followed by some live music. Details to follow!

  4. Reg says:

    Will thisa be published in e-book form so I can read it on the train please?

    • James Attlee says:

      Hi Reg

      Yes it will. Should be coming to Amazon next week I believe, but I will confirm here. Meanwhile, physical books work on the train as well…! But I know it’s convenient to be able to take your whole library along on an e-reader, especially if you’ve got other stuff to carry. I wonder what a wide reader like Brunel would have made of the Kindle.

    • James Attlee says:

      Dear Reg

      The Kindle e-book is now available from amazon. Search in the Kindle store under books, Station to Station James Attlee

  5. Karen leyden says:

    I have just finished reading your wonderful book station to station . I found your book so full of little snippets of history that broaden my understanding of many places along the the line and would have never known. I even managed to answer a question on egg heads with a fact I had read .
    I will recommended your book to my friends as the travel stories are so interesting.
    Regards Karen.

  6. Chris Hawkins says:

    Hi James,
    Just finished Station to Station and i enjoyed it very much.Already recommending it to my friends.

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